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Customized Grow Rooms

When it comes to cannabis, customization is key. We understand your growing facilities were likely designed for a completely different purpose, so the creation of a grow room to fit your unique dimensions is important.

With our unique, high-density panel designs, we can manufacture your grow rooms to one-inch increments. This will ensure you meet the exact space requirements you need without any “cutting and pasting” on site. Everything is preassembled in our factory to ensure quality, disassembled, and shipped to you for on-site assembly. Looking for peace of mind that everything will fit before it arrives? That’s what we’ve created. 

Invest in growth without a "cannabis tax"
Put conduits, wiring & tubing directly in the panels
Easily build to the heights your plants prefer


The right grow room starts with the right wall panels. Bloom Room panels are custom sized to fit any space requirement you may have, resulting in a clean, efficient grow room.

Maximized Grow Room Space

Our ability to manufacture in 1" panel increments including actual sizes, surrounding columns, angle walls, partition, and door placement, height, etc., without "cutting or pasting" on site ensures an airtight fit.

A Bloom Room panel design allows a ceiling panel span of 16’ indoors with no additional support required.

Larger rooms utilize exterior panel supports, eliminating the need for support beams."

No Exposed Wires

Bloom Room’s unique foamed-in-place conduit replaces most surface mount or hanging electrical wiring inside the room, allowing for a flush or smooth surface for easy cleaning and sanitation.”

Strong and Durable

Our high-density DURATHANE panel design provides extreme strength and rigidity in prefabricated panels with no loss of insulation value.

The Ideal Finish for the Ideal Growing Environments

Grow Rooms

A white, reflective finish on our panels ensures light is directed toward your plants, helping you further grow your profits.

our doors make the difference

Heavy, Reinforced Frame

Bloom Room's door construction consists of a reinforced steel u-channel frame, which gives extra support and rigidity to the door section.

Bloom Room's patented door construction and electrical are UL listed and recognized.

Adjustable Hinges

Bloom Room hinges are adjustable with built-in spring action. The hinge strap adjusts horizontally, providing door lift and rotation to keep the door square and prevent environmental atmosphere loss from sagging doors.

The hinges’ cam-rise assists in closing to promote a tight seal and reduces gasket wear. The flange has a removable cap, allowing lift-off of door without removing hinges.


When you choose Bloom Room, you’re not only getting a grow room solution, you’re getting unmatched quality and attention to detail that goes into everything we manufacture.

Going the Extra Mile

Grow rooms are preassembled at the factory prior to shipment for a thorough quality control inspection with a final inspection report completed for the job file. The result is quick and easy installation so you can begin to utilize your grow room sooner.

Attention to Detail

After passing inspection, the grow room is disassembled and packaged together to prevent panel misplacement. Each panel is marked prominently with the panel and serial number so there is no guess work at the jobsite.

Nothing Gets Past Us

Prior to factory use, all incoming materials are inspected by the Quality Control department. Any deficiencies are rejected and required to be replaced or corrected before the material is used.

Quality Assured, Every Step of the Way

Quality control inspections are done periodically in each department during manufacturing to ensure all parameters required to achieve the best quality product are within the permitted tolerances.

Peace of Mind

A photo of the grow room set up in the factory is sent to the customer with the warranty documents.

Superior Service

Bloom Room's service, both before and after the sale, has proven to be the best in the industry. Our well-trained, customer-focused staff are available to assist in every area.

we're committed

to Environmental Responsibility and Energy Efficiency

As part of the commitment to Environmental Responsibility, Bloom Room partners with customers and suppliers to manufacture products that comply with state and federal environmental standards to minimize environmental impact and conserve energy.


No matter how big or small your growing operation, we’re excited to help you grow your revenue with a profitable grow room design. Start with a FREE Grow Room Assessment!