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Frequently asked questions

Bloom Room is dedicated to understanding and addressing the issues facing the cannabis industry. Our grow rooms are designed with high density DURATHANE panels, which allows for panels to be manufactured in 1” increments, providing maximum space and eliminating harmful dust particles and contaminates that can be caused by cut-and-paste at the jobsite. Bloom Room’s unique foamed-in-place conduit replaces most surface mount or hanging electrical wiring inside the room, allowing for a flush or smooth surface for easy cleaning and sanitation.”

With Bloom Room’s pre-assembly prior to shipment, you can rest easy knowing your grow room is quality focused and ready for a trouble-free installation!

Visit our Contact page to speak directly to one of our trained customer account representatives or request a free Bloom Room assessment.

Normally, orders take up to four to six weeks from quotation to completion.

Bloom Room panels come with a ten-year panel warranty.

Yes, Bloom Rooms can be designed to expand at a later time with every panel locking into place so there is no “cutting and pasting” required in the field to maximize space and ensure an air-tight fit.

Yes, there are a number of door options which can be used on Bloom Rooms. Contact Bloom Room for more information.

All Bloom Room panels are manufactured and shipped from Laurel, Mississippi.

We only recommend foaming in place the electrical lines, as any plumbing could create issues if there is a failure with the pipe or if the water line needs to be replaced. 

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