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You Can Believe In

Our team is committed to the cannabis community. We understand the pain points and challenges specific to cultivators and growers, and we provide solutions that meet those specific set of challenges. We stay on top of the latest regulations and trends in order to provide solutions that are designed specifically for cannabis and horticulture.

With Good Manufacturing Practices designed for the cannabis and other horticultural industries, Bloom Room took input from cultivators and growers to develop the ideal controlled environment for cannabis growth, production, and storage.

The result is a solution designed specifically for you.

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You Can Trust

We understand the quicker you turn your first crop the quicker you make money, and our solutions are intended to deliver on this important goal. A Bloom Room is ready to go without all the delays you can expect from grow rooms that aren’t actually intended to be grow rooms.

Every Bloom Room is pre-assembled at our factory prior to shipment for a complete quality control inspection. This ensures all parts fit properly and any deficiencies are corrected. If any panel of the assembled grow room does not meet our high standards, a non-conforming label is applied and a replacement will be re-manufactured. Once the custom box is assembled and passes our quality control inspection, photos of the room are taken and included with your 10-year warranty documents.

When you choose a Bloom Room product, you are choosing the highest quality grow room in the industry. With interlocking panels, hammer and nails need not apply.

What Bloom Room is doing is building a better grow room by adhering to GMP standards. If I build a grow room and need to run my fans, lights, and equipment, that means I have exposed conduit, which is where issues like powdery mildew and mold can easily be harbored. By using a Bloom Room, all of my conduit and outlet receptacles can live within the foam-plated walls and my crop is not exposed to powdery mildew and other issues.

– Steve Merritt, Southern Sky Brands



You Can Rely On

Our team has been recognized in the foodservice industry as the “Best in Class” for quality and service both before and after the sale. The same quality service applies to those who purchase our Bloom Room solutions that are customized for cannabis.

Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop at the sale. We strive for a trouble-free installation, which saves valuable time and installation costs. Because of Bloom Room’s panel design, we can foam-in-place the electrical conduit so there is nothing exposed inside the grow room. All the electricians will need to do is pull wires!

How Can We Help You?

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your grow room, we’d love to show you how our experience, quality, and support can help increase your revenue!