From the country’s leader in customized cultivation solutions for horticulture and the cannabis industry.

Why would you waste valuable growing time with do-it-yourself solutions or controlled environments that are intended for entirely different industries? That’s a great question only you can answer, but we’d like to introduce you to the third choice…

A Bloom Room

Time is money, and Bloom Room grow rooms are designed to save time during installation and help operators grow their revenue quicker than ever before. Just consider the design. With conduits and tubing sealed into the panels, many of the potential risks are eliminated before the first seeds are ever planted.

Here’s how we set you up for success before you even start growing.

Grow Rooms for the Cannabis Industry


Three Elements of Control

The Bloom Room Promise


Pests like spider mites can be the downfall of any growing operation. With the tightly fit panels of a Bloom Room, your Integrated Pest Management efforts just got easier.


As any cultivator or grower knows, pathogens lead to profit loss. With a Bloom Room, keep out unwanted substances like powdery mildew, and keep your crops instead.


Controlling humidity and light levels is critical. With the insulated walls and ceilings of a Bloom Room, cultivators will increase crop yield while reducing operating costs.

Cut-and-paste leads to fix and waste

The key is customization. With a Bloom Room, you’ll use every square inch of your existing facility with a solution that’s created specifically for you.

Benefits and Outcomes

customization is key

Our unique, high-density panel designs allow us to manufacture your grow rooms to the exact inch needed to fit the unique dimensions of your growing facility.

The Bloom Room


A Bloom Room means fast turnarounds; a tight, sealed environment; and smart designs with conduits that are sealed inside the panels.

We’re here to support the cannabis and horticultural industries, and though our origins are in foodservice, we have a 60+ year history of recognizing where the needs to control specific environments aren’t being met and then designing custom solutions to meet those challenges.

From brewing to blood banks, each type of operation has to overcome challenges, and our specialty is in helping those facilities develop custom panel refrigeration solutions that will fit just about any situation and any space. Bloom Room is the answer for your veg room, mother room, clone room, and of course, for your bloom room.

With over half a century of experience as a custom panel manufacturer, operators can trust the craftsmanship, quality, and precision that go into each and every one of our solutions. Our experience has prepared us for any size job, no matter how big, small, or unique.

Every Bloom Room custom-designed grow boxes are pre-assembled at our factory prior to shipment for a complete quality control inspection. This ensures that all parts fit properly and any deficiencies are corrected, leading to trouble-free installation.

Our team has been recognized in the foodservice industry as the “Best in Class” for quality and service both before and after the sale. Rest assured, Bloom Room is here to support you.

We understand the pain points and challenges specific to the cannabis industry, and only provide solutions geared to your needs. Our team is committed to the cannabis community.

With our unique high density panel design, we can manufacturer in 1” panel increments to fit the exact space requirements of the existing buildings which the grow rooms are being designed to fit without any “cutting or pasting” on site to ensure an airtight fit.